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Primarily focusing on residential Sales and Leasing. Gary Peruzzini believes in real estate as an investment and personally invests in residential properties and land acquisition. Realty Sense operates in the Phoenix metropolitan area,  including all of Maricopa, Northern Pinal and Western Gila counties.

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Realty Sense - Maricopa, Northern Pinal and Western Gila

Realty Sense believes that customer service is best applied by having advanced information about where you are headed in a transaction so that the next step is not a surprise. Being presented with all of the options available for each fork in the road. Always protecting the clients best interest and retaining the fiduciary responsibility at all times. Yes this is a commission business (in most cases) the client responsibilities are NEVER sacrificed for the money!

Clients residing out side of the United States is a specialty. The issues with this group of clients are quite vast. They encompasses, methods of holding title and legal entities,  use identification, cross border access and duration of stay, money transfers and exchanging currency for the transaction. Tax filing documentation and managing the legal presence in Arizona Many seasonal users from both in and outside of the US require some sort of assistance with property maintenance and visual inspections.

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Gary Peruzzini Designated Broker – A real estate professional for two decades, Agent, Broker and Investor

License # – BR047628000
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